Tips To Spice Up Sex During Pregnancy

You can continue to enjoy sex all through your pregnancy. Sometimes your doctor may advise you to lay off the sex if you have a high-risk pregnancy and some pregnancy complications. For the most part, though, you’re free to indulge as much and often as you like. Pregnancy can increase your libido, so it’s a good idea to have a few go-to sex styles for those moments when you can’t stop feeling horny. However, it is important to keep your back supported all through your sexual adventures, and this becomes more important as your pregnancy advances. That disqualifies some positions, but here are a few favorites that are both comfortable and enjoyable.

Female on top

With the girl-on-top position, you control how deep penetration is. Straddle your partner and assume a kneeling position. For more support, lean back and rest your hands on his thighs.
Your man can stimulate your breasts and clitoris unhindered. Because there’s no pressure on your tummy with this position, it feels very comfortable. You can enjoy this even in the third trimester.

Behind and from the side

Both of you lie on your side. Your partner faces your back and penetrates you from behind.
This position feels comfortable because your tummy is well supported and penetration isn’t deep.

Chair straddle

Let your man sit on a chair. Straddle him in such a way that your legs come up to his waist and over the chair’s armrests. This position gives you control over the depth of penetration. Go as fast/slow and deep/shallow as feels comfortable. Ensure the chair is firm or you both may end up toppling over.

Get on your knees. Place your elbows flat on the surface for support. Let your man penetrate you from behind. You can place a pillow beneath your tummy for support.

Edge of bed
Sit at the edge of the bed and lie back, keeping the knees bent. Like in doggy style, your partner enters you from behind. He can stand or kneel depending on the height of the bed.

– Always use pillows to support your back, and where needed, tummy.
– During the chair straddle, place the chair next to a wall or other firm surfaces that you can lean against you’re getting up afterward.
– Guide your partner on what to concentrate on during both foreplay and intercourse. You may enjoy some things more than others. Let him know.

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